I like to understand how things work, so I can accept them when it makes sense or try to improve them when it doesn't.

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Hi, I'm Daan

Automatic scheduling with a human touch

For the public market authority of Amsterdam I was tasked with developing an automated scheduling algorithm that would assign every sales person to their preferred market stall. Making the computer produce a humane result proved to be challenging. The working result is published on github.

Harbor Navigation System

For a sophisticated pricing system for the Watertaxi Rotterdam, I created a digital version of the harbor of Rotterdam in order to develop a navigation system that would serve as the basis of the pricing calculations.

Implementing jq in Javascript

I loved (and still do!) jq so much, I decided to try and implement it's language in a self-written transpiler to learn more about the process of designing a programming language. I've published my work on github.

Speaking at BackboneConf

I was invited to speak at BackboneConf to talk about my experiences using Backbone.js in a Geographical Information System I was developing at the time. The topic was optimizing performance when handling large amounts of geographical data.

Developing a build system

On each deploy, we needed to build dozens of versions of the same app, each with different modules enabled. This was before tools like webpack existed, so I decided to build a modular build system myself using Jake and Browserify.